Meet Robert Bicknell: The Art and Sport of Singing

Robert Bicknell - The Art and Sport of Singing

So why are we proposing singing workshops for the summer?

It is no secret that singing has a host of physical, mental and emotional benefits, so with the longer summer days this is the perfect way to improve your health and be social. Robert has a career spanning over two decades and has worked with more celebrities than you can count on a millipede’s toes. Dare I say, at his studio you may even sit on the same stool Natalie Imbruglia sat on!

Here’s what Robert says about what singing can do for you…

Group singing is healthy, safe and a great workout. The feel good factor from singing is huge, you might come into the studio feeling low but you will leave feeling great.

Singing is good for your well-being and even helps to burn calories!

• Singing exercises your lungs, diaphragm and opens up your respiratory tubes. Singing is breathing; like in Yoga, you breathe out as you vocalise your lyrics in a controlled way and then take efficient breaths in the right place!

• Singing benefits your heart and circulation by improving your aerobic capacity, so increasing oxygenation in the blood helping your cardiovascular system absorb and transport oxygen more efficiently. Like Bjork once said “Singing is like a celebration of oxygen.”

• Singing also improves your posture and decreases muscle tension by exercising your intercostal muscles and major muscle groups in the body and the face.

• It will also help you become more mentally alert and improve your focus. It develops self-esteem and confidence, enhances mood and reduces stress. You will feel energised, relaxed and ready to concur the world!

I am offering two levels of singing workshops; beginners and advanced. The ‘Beginner’s Singing Workshop’ is a great opportunity to have fun while learning clear singing technique. The ‘Advanced Singers’ Workshop’ emphasis is on solo performance and technical issues of singing and performance, very useful for auditions.

In Ella Fitzgerald’s words “The only thing better than singing is more singing.”

While singing alone is good, singing with others can be even more rewarding, so join me this summer for some fun and creative learning in Brixton.

Beginners’ Singing Workshop  Details

Advanced Singers’ Workshop Details


Robert teaches from his own studio in South West London, SW2 – a very safe, relaxed environment. He teaches beginners to advanced singers in the West End, rock bands and students applying to drama schools. Vocal freedom – it’s what every singer wants, it gives you the freedom to be able sing in many styles from musical theatre to rock and quickly responds to the music, changes in emotion and text. A voice that soars out to the audience through a relaxed and well trained instrument is engaging to watch and exciting to hear. Let us achieve Vocal Freedom.