Reignite Your Passion…

… For Dance And Fitness And Do Your Bit Whilst You’re At It

Blog Abbie GriffithsAbbie Griffiths joined our workshop and surprised us with a blog on her website

It’s been two months since the launch of IgniterHive, but now there are plenty of classes available. It’s time to dust off those dancing shoes and bring out the jazz hands.

Classes are for mixed abilities, ages and gender, in a nutshell aimed at anyone who likes to shake a tail feather. IgniterHive launched in January offering two free taster sessions for anyone to attend, one was at Pineapple Studios, the other at The Factory Fitness. Tasters were just over two hours long, each group having 4 x 30min classes to try. And what fun they were! There was a great atmosphere with lots of guffawing as we wobbled about and flung ourselves around the room like overexcited teenagers.

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