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IgniterFund: Supporting Young People – Youth Fund

Supporting Young People


The IgniterFund, our Youth Fund, is an integral part of IgniterHive.

As a social enterprise we strive for better communities and do so by working in partnership with local organisations and using our profits to support disadvantaged young people with their next steps into education and training. We provide small grants to support young people with additional costs associated with their learning journeys. These could be the fees, costs of additional material or as simple as helping them with the cost of travel. We help cover those costs that are essential for a young person’s progression yet for whatever reason they are unable to cover them themselves and have no access to alternative funding.

As we grow we aim to support more young people by continuing to honour our commitment as a community interest company to use our profits in this way.

We take referrals for the IgniterFund by partner organisations. We welcome the opportunity to talk to charities, youth groups and social enterprises to discuss how you could get involved and refer young people to our programme.

If you would like to find out more about our work or have any questions please contact us for a chat.


Find out about Sam, the young person we supported with our first grant!


IgniterFund - supporting young people