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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Our business

IgniterHive is a new learning platform, which helps people follow interests, fulfil curiosities, and pursue their passions. We believe that learning is the basis of a strong inclusive and productive society. For this reason we want to provide unique opportunities to learn and grow. Whether it’s a hobby, a curiosity or a professional need, we aim to provide inspiration through quality classes delivered by professional and reliable teachers.

We are currently focusing of dance, health and fitness classes but are not limiting ourselves to that and want to expand our offer in the near future from mosaic making to sky diving and everything in between.

Our responsibility and opportunity

SEUKWe are a social enterprise and particularly passionate about enabling young people achieve their potential through learning. With cuts in public funding and increased tuition fees, some young people face big challenges in achieving what they really care about, simply because they cannot afford the associated costs.

We believe that we can address these barriers and make a difference by investing our profits in the IgniterFund and provide grants to support those hardest hit.

How we make profits work?

BuySocialFor every class sold we take small fee of the price charged and the profit from the fee goes directly to the IgniterFund. This way we can make a small profit on our service while ensuring teachers and training providers receive a sustainable income from their service. It’s as simple as that!

What next?

We are interested to hear from teacher and training provider, individuals looking to learn something new and youth organisation with young people who may benefit from our grants.

If this describes you and you like what we stand for,
get in touch here and we’ll get back to you with further details.



“Thanks for today. Although I’m hurting all over, it was a great experience and a fun way to spend a not-so-lazy Sunday. I’m looking forward to whatever you’re going to cook up next!” Egle

“Just to say, the classes on Sunday at Pineapple were great. Definitely feeling the burn.” Sapphire

“I was completely terrified coming here and even in the waiting room I wanted to leave. But actually I’m loving it and the aerial hoop class was amazing, a great teacher and I will definitely come again.” Katie

“It’s really professional and people are really cool. If you’re looking for fun and want to try some dances, it’s really good.” Magda

“My name is Mathew, I’m a business analyst and I’ve always loved dance. One of my friends told me about IgniterHive and I had to give it a go. I love that I can try a little bit of everything to see what works for me and it’s been fantastic. The hoops were very difficult so maybe it’s not for me but pole dancing maybe, that would be fun! All my friends will know about this tonight.”Mathew

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